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The most frequently encountered problems

  1. How I can recommend to my friends about website?
  2. How and when I receive the reward?

Step 1: Contact us with below information to receive coupon code

Step 2: Share the coupon code to your friends and family. Let them purchase on our website and use code at the checkout cart step  

Step 3: Waiting to us with each order's been done we will let you know and send reward money to your Paypal account at the end of the month

If you have interested please contact us to get personal code:

Gmail:  [email protected]

Instagram:  tipstar.ru ( https://www.instagram.com/tipstar.ru/ ) 

Whatsapp:  +84769554734 ( https://whatsapp.com/+84769554734 )

Twitter: tipstar.ru  ( https://twitter.com/JanebagsRu )